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New LotFP rules hardcover

The Lamentations of the Flame Princess new Rules & Magic hardcover is available.

This is the best edition yet, although the changes are mostly cosmetic. The difficult to read font from the Grindhouse edition is gone. The hardcover has some new art, and a few of the old pieces have been redrawn. The text is substantially the same, with the addition of half a dozen pages of firearms rules.

Cover of LotFP rule book

I ordered the print and PDF combo, but of course the print book won’t arrive for a few weeks. If you’re reading the PDF, and your display has enough pixels, I recommend viewing two pages side-by-side, as the layout uses lots of page spreads.

The spreads can be mildly problematic for single page reading, because the text of some sections begins on the left (verso) page with the heading on the right (recto) page. If you’re reading one page at a time, it may not be immediately clear when a new section begins.

But that’s nit picking. The new Rules & Magic delivers, and I’m looking forward to the companion referee book.

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Tim Shorts, July 24, 2013 at 9:49 PM

May have to finally pick up a copy.

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