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C is for…

…catacombs? Nah, you already know that catacombs are subterranean burial places where populations shelter during war, smugglers smuggle, and secretive cults conduct monstrous rituals.

catacombs by torchlight

Instead of catacomb, let’s say C is for chabutro. Chabutros are small, partially enclosed octagonal structures built atop poles or towers. Indian villagers build them to shelter pigeons, and spend idle hours feeding the birds and exchanging gossip. Somebody could build one in a dungeon, right?

Indian chabutro

What does a character see if she shimmies up the pole of the chabutro?

  1. Bats!
  2. Rats!
  3. Birds
  4. Carnivorous subterranean birds that raid catacombs for scraps of the dead!
  5. Shiny scraps of worthless metal
  6. Eggs
  7. Broken eggs
  8. 2d6 silver pieces
  9. A glowing but otherwise non-magic ring
  10. An amulet cultists use to signify group membership

(I’m finding the pace and artificiality of this A-Z challenge trying at the moment. I’ll stick with it as long as real life allows. I should have used Sunday to establish a lead. Oh, well. I’ll see how it goes.)

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The Bane April 4, 2011 at 11:27 PM

Keep the faith… “You can do it… you can do it all month long!” Seriously though, I imagine them (chabutros) spaced evenly aroung the catacomb tombs of resently deceased warriors, to maintain the bug population! I’ll use it. Perhaps each is festooned with the earthly garb of the fallen?

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