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U-Con 2018

I’m home from U-Con.

U-Con 2018 registration

Years ago (when I last attended this convention) U of M hosted it in their student union, but it’s at the Ypsilanti Marriott now — a golf resort. Parking’s easier, though I enjoy walking around Ann Arbor more than the golf course.

Golf course at the Ypsilanti Marriott

A small vendor room sold dice, board games, and crafty stuff like embroidered dice bags, 3D-printed dice towers, and d20 pillows. One vendor carried a bunch of OSR stuff, like Labyrinth Lord and WhiteBox rule books, and several zines like Vacant Ritual Assembly and The Manor. I picked up a set of Gamescience dice.

U-Con 2018 vendor room

Board games are popular at U-Con, maybe more so than RPG’s, and occupy a large ballroom. A number of non-board wargames were waged here too, including Battletech and the WWII game Bolt Action. The con lends a diverse library of board games for anyone who wants to borrow one. I’m curios about Root and Vast, though I didn’t get an opportunity to play them. The tables were packed all weekend.

U-Con 2018 board game ballroom

I was pleased to see ConTessa prominently represented at U-Con, and I made sure to thank Stacy for their tireless work.

ConTessa at U-Con 2018

Thanks to all the friendly people who played and ran games at U-Con!

These sessions stand out in my memory:

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