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Sketch of Blogogix, the Invasive Alien Impostor God

Only a couple of players showed up for this Sunday’s game, so we tried an idea I’ve been considering for a while. Each of us took a half hour to write an adventure with d6 rooms, then we ran each adventure.

In the adventure I wrote, an invasive alien displaced a local god and enslaved the priests at the shrine. This is a common problem on planet Zerapis. The players managed to free most of the priests from Blobogix’s mind control (minus one or two they shot full of arrows), saved several villagers scheduled for human sacrifice, and acquired a powerful but unwieldy ray gun that freezes people by sending their minds to a barren alien world. Unfortunately, they made a dangerous enemy by letting Blobogix escape with his enormous pulsating egg.

As a player, I found that I’ve become more conservative and risk averse; I’ll take a modest treasure and leave the dungeon without pulling the tantalizing but obviously dangerous shiny lever. Especially when the adventures are so small, I feel bad about it — like I should play with all the things.

Maybe I just need some fresh blood in my face-to-face group. It’s hard to get a small set of busy adults in the same room on a regular basis.


Adam Cirone, August 25, 2014 at 5:14 PM

That’s a neat idea for doing some quick one-shot adventures. Did you each play the same characters for each adventure?

Paul Gorman, August 25, 2014 at 6:08 PM

Yes, we played the same characters. We also agreed that treasure, experience, and deaths wouldn’t be finalized until the end of the session, after we had played all the adventures. So, the chronology was slightly uncertain, like a selection of Conan short stories. It was pretty entertaining.

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