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Maps from the Denver Public Library

An article about a behind-the-scenes visit to the Denver Public Library had a couple interesting a potentially D&D-useful things:

Peeling, partially unstuck, and warped into curling waves like oceans, the pages play host to a century or more of built structures, renovations, and replacements, keeping close tabs on what can be insured, for how much, and under what circumstances.

close-up photo of map

Botanical Profile representing the Forest Trees along the route explored by Lieut. A. W. Whipple, Corps. of Top. Eng., near the Parallel of 35º North Latitude, 1853-1854. Prepared by J. M. Bigelow, M.D., Botanist to the Expedition. U.S. Pacific Rail Road Exploration & Survey, War Department.  line chart with pictures of trees

I can imagine this style of visualization being useful in adventure design, particularly for wilderness adventures.

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