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GM merit badges

Stuart made GM merit badges. I awarded myself PC Death Is Likely, “Rule Zero” Is in Effect, I Mirror Back Player Ideas, Focus on Exploration & Mystery, Prepare to Run!, Rules Tinker, and Player Skill badges.

character death badge in charge badge mirror badge mystery badge run badge tinker badge player skill badge

I’d like to earn the Roll in the Open, Tactics, and Gonzo badges.

I almost never fudge results these days, but I still roll behind a screen — mainly because it’s a convenient place to hang my reference charts, and rolling in front of it would mean standing up. Maybe I need a smaller screen or some way to do without one.

I appreciate the importance of tactics, but I don’t feel like they figure significantly enough in my games to justify the badge. That’s partially me and partially my players. I need to include more affordances for tactical play, particularly exploitable environments.

Gonzo. I have pretty strong gonzo tendencies, but don’t give them much play in my current game. That’s largely because I’m running Stonehell for the first time, and want to see what it’s like before drastically altering its tone. The campaign I’m writing myself has a significantly higher quotient of gorilla kings, robots, and masked aliens. When I get around to running that, I’ll feel better about earning the Gonzo Badge.

Thanks, Stuart. The GM badges provide a good vehicle for self evaluation.

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Stuart, August 22, 2011 at 7:52 PM

These are great to see everyone sharing. I’m learning a lot about people’s GMing styles today.

Here’s a smaller GM screen for you:

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