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Summon Library

I love reading the gaming ideas on OSR blogs, but among the many fine ideas presented only a few immediately strike me as something I know I will use in my games. Telecanter posted such an idea today: Summon Library.

A magician casts a spell that summons something bulky, awkward, and incredibly useful at that precise moment. What things would you want to summon? An alchemical lab, a troupe of actors, a font, a barge, a forge?

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richard, May 20, 2011 at 8:55 AM

A workhouse full of lovable urchins and their wily beggar-king. A wire-drawing mill. A zaratan. An entire adventure location: you could do nested dungeons-within-dungeons. In fact, that gives me an idea for a megadungeon right there: “what we found in the Supreme Hierophant’s closet; being a description of the palaces, pleasure domes, prisons and provinces, arranged in 35 distinct layers beneath the Episcopal Residence, which first aroused our suspicions and subsequently yielded allegations of vilest Sorceries on the part of the quondam Pontiff (Lord rest him).” 16 Volumes, restricted.

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