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K is for Kura

A kura is a Japanese storehouse for valuable things, built to be fireproof. Mundane things like rakes and bicycles would be stored elsewhere. Japanese homes have limited storage, so things that aren’t used everyday—prized items like wedding china or family photo albums—go in the kura.

That’s a position that makes a kura somewhat interesting when transposed to a fantasy setting. Perhaps the orcs in your dungeon live on a subsistence level, owning barely enough to survive. They wouldn’t have to worry about precious keepsakes. But maybe they’re a few steps above subsistence.


What can the PC’s find in the monsters’ kura?

  1. Stone box adorned with narrative carvings
  2. Urn filled with ash
  3. Garishly colored robes
  4. Ancestral weapon (broken, unmendable)
  5. Religious icon
  6. Locks of hair tied in silk ribbons
  7. Sacred wine
  8. Skulls of enemies
  9. Porcelain vases
  10. Festival masks
  11. Delicate, impractical furniture
  12. Small box containing a fine brush, a small glass bottle of dried-up ink, and a block of sealing wax

The photo in this post was dedicated to the Creative Commons by Kenchikuben.

(This is for the A-Z Blogger Challenge.)

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Greg Christopher, April 13, 2011 at 10:46 PM

Very cool idea

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