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Level titles

I was thinking about level titles—that they could be customized to reflect the flavor of a particular campaign. Myrmidon is already one of the class names, but if you had a game with a strong Homeric flavor, you could name all the fighting-men levels after Greek tribes. Another possibility is to name each level for the character of that class in your campaign who first achieves said level. If Frankfort is the first cleric to make it to level 3, level 3 is thereafter called Frankfort.

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JDJarvis November 5, 2010 at 10:35 AM

Nothing at all wrong with campaign specific level titles. I came up with this list not too long ago to replace the standard one:


Setting the name to that of the first to achieve a certain level would certainly add flavor and campaign identity. What if the 1st character to reach a certain level is a PC named “Conan Jr” or “Bubba”?

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