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Would not a turn by any other name be 10 minutes?

Before 4e, if I recall correctly, a round represented 10 minutes of game time, and turn represented 1 minute of game time. AD&D (or was it one of the OD&D supplements?) introduced the 6 second segment. So, 1 round = 10 turns = 60 segments = 10 minutes.

Fourth edition (PHB page 266) defines a turn as the 6 seconds during which you, the player, take your actions. A round is the same 6 seconds, during which everyone takes their turn. So, 1 round = 1 turn = 6 seconds.

As far as I can tell, 4e is silent on the issues of non-combat time, movement, and encumbrance. The closest related rule I found was the table about duration of light sources (PHB page 262), which specified that a candles and torches last 1 hour, and a lantern burns for 8 hours per pint of oil.

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