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PC Infravision in OD&D

Delta asked about infravision, and how OD&D may be an outlier edition that denies infravision for player characters.

The idea that elves, dwarves, and NPC monsters in the party magically lose their infravision is fun. It’s quirky and game-y, and quirkiness is one of the things I like about OD&D. However, I suspect OD&D intended only that any visible light prevents the use of infravision.

From U&WA p.9:

In the underworld some light source or an infravision spell must be used. Torches, lanterns and magic swords will illuminate the way, but they also allow monsters to “see” the users so that monsters will never be surprised unless coming through a door. Also, torches can be blown out by a strong gust of wind. Monsters are assumed to have permanent infravision as long as they are not serving some character.

The key context here is light source or infravsion. Monsters in the service of player characters lose their infravision, but only around PC’s using a visible light source.

I take the statement in the “Characters (Additions and Changes)” section of Supplement I that player character elves and dwarves have infravision as a clarification rather than a change.

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