The following Labyrinth Lord monsters originated in the 1974 rule booklets. Supplement I monsters not found in M&T are qualified with an “†”.

All Monsters (Alphabetical)

Basilisk; Black Pudding; Blink Dog†; Bugbear†; Carcass Scavenger†; Centaur; Chimera; Cockatrice; Djinni; Doppelganger†; Dragon, Black; Dragon, Blue; Dragon, Gold; Dragon, Green; Dragon, Red; Dragon, White; Dryad; Dwarf; Efreeti; Elemental: Air, Earth, Fire, Water; Elf; Gargoyle; Gelatinous Cube†; Ghoul; Giant, Cloud; Giant, Fire; Giant, Frost; Giant, Hill; Giant, Stone; Giant, Storm†; Gnoll; Gnome; Goblin; Gorgon; Gray Ooze; Green Slime; Griffon; Harpy†; Hell Hound†; Hippogriff; Hobgoblin; Hydra; Invisible Stalker; Kobold; Lycanthrope, Werebear; Lycanthrope, Wereboar; Lycanthrope, Wererat†; Lycanthrope, Weretiger; Lycanthrope, Werewolf; Manticore; Medusa; Men, Berserker; Men, Brigand; Men, Nomad; Men, Pirate; Minotaur; Mummy; Nixie; Ochre Jelly; Ogre; Orc; Owl Bear†; Pegasus; Pixie; Purple Worm; Roc, Small; Rust Monster†; Salamander†; Sea Serpent; Shadow†; Skeleton; Spectre; Stirge†; Treant; Troll; Unicorn; Vampire; Wight; Wraith; Wyvern; Yellow Mold; Zombie

0–1 HD Monsters

Dwarf; Elf; Gnome; Goblin; Hobgoblin (1+1 HD); Kobold (½ HD); Men, Berserker; Men, Brigand; Men, Nomad; Men, Pirate; Nixie; Orc; Pixie; Skeleton; Stirge†

2 HD Monsters

Dryad; Ghoul; Gnoll; Green Slime; Pegasus (2+2 HD); Yellow Mold; Shadow† (2+2 HD); Zombie

3 HD Monsters

Bugbear† (3+1 HD); Carcass Scavenger† (3+1 HD); Gray Ooze; Harpy†; Hell Hound†; Hippogriff (3+1 HD); Lycanthrope, Wererat†; Wight

4 HD Monsters

Blink Dog†; Centaur; Doppelganger†; Gargoyle; Gelatinous Cube†; Hell Hound†; Lycanthrope, Wereboar (4+1 HD); Lycanthrope, Werewolf; Medusa; Ogre (4+1 HD); Unicorn; Wraith

5 HD Monsters

Cockatrice; Mummy (5+1 HD); Hell Hound†; Hydra; Lycanthrope, Weretiger; Ochre Jelly; Owl Bear†; Rust Monster†

6 HD Monsters

Basilisk (6+1 HD); Dragon, White; Hell Hound†; Hydra; Manticore (6+1 HD); Minotaur; Spectre; Troll (6+3 HD); Lycanthrope, Werebear; Phase Tiger†; Roc, Small

7 HD Monsters

Djinni (7+1 HD); Dragon, Black; Griffon; Hell Hound†; Hydra; Vampire; Wyvern

8 HD Monsters

Dragon, Green; Elemental (staff): Air, Earth, Fire, Water; Giant, Hill; Gorgon; Hydra; Invisible Stalker; Salamander†; Treant; Vampire

9 HD Monsters

Chimera; Dragon, Blue; Giant, Stone; Hydra; Vampire

10 HD Monsters

Black Pudding; Dragon, Red; Efreeti; Giant, Frost (10+1 HD); Hydra

11 HD Monsters

Dragon, Gold; Giant, Fire (11+2 HD); Hydra

12 HD Monsters

Elemental (device): Air, Earth, Fire, Water; Giant, Cloud (12+3 HD); Hydra

15 HD Monsters

Giant, Storm†; Purple Worm

16 HD Monsters

Elemental (conjured): Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Monster Attributes

  1. Ferocious/strong/fast: +N to hit
  2. Dangerous underfoot: +N to hit vs large/giants
  3. Trained: +N vs 1 HD creatures
  4. Veteran: 1 attack/HD vs 1 HD creatures
  5. Disciplined: +N morale
  6. Mindless: never check morale
  7. Only magic attacks damage them
  8. Brute: +N damage
  9. Hulk: N damage dice
  10. Regenerate N hp/turn
  11. Hit from whip/sticky tongue/whatever drags enemy into melee
  12. Those killed by them become like them
  13. Those killed by them become like them, under control of killer
  14. Those killed by them become a different monster
  15. Their hits paralyze opponents for N turns
  16. Their hits drain N levels
  17. Escapist: flee in insubstantial form when apparently killed
  18. Call other monsters
  19. Turn opponent to stone on hit/look
  20. Fly
  21. Creates persistent area effects (e.g., sticky webs)
  22. Venomous sting/bite (save or die? save for half damage?)
  23. Breathe fire/acid/gas/lightning/cold/steam
  24. Shoot natural missiles, N per turn
  25. Multi-part monster, N hit dice per part
  26. Multiple heads, one attack per head
  27. Mass attack (e.g., whirlwind) blows away those of less than N HD
  28. Can carry massive weight
  29. Creates food/gold/drugs N times per day
  30. Create illusions
  31. Assume gaseous form
  32. Charm
  33. Polymorph self, possibly limited to one or two alternate forms
  34. Invisibility
  35. Cast a particular spell N times per day
  36. Cast spell like a level N magic-user
  37. If summoned/subdued/named, will serve for N days
  38. Hits multiply/fragment/divide it
  39. Squeezes through small spaces
  40. Moves over floors, walls, or ceilings
  41. Corrodes/dissolves metal/wood/flesh/whatever on contact
  42. Asphyxiating spores/gas N feet (save or die? save for half damage?)
  43. Morale never fails when defending home
  44. “Attach” after first hit; subsequent turns damage without a to-hit roll
  45. Darkvision: see in darkness but -1 in daylight
  46. Echolocation
  47. Young can be trained as mounts
  48. Only encountered near water/lava/whatever
  49. Keep pets/animal guardians
  50. Sometimes kept as pets
  51. Invulnerability exception: fire/lighting/whatever hurts them
  52. Sunlight/fire/beheading/whatever truly kills them
  53. Sensitive to cold/fire/water/whatever, takes double damage
  54. Sea legs -1 to hit on land
  55. Skittish -N morale
  56. Flee from mirrors/garlic/whatever
  57. Mirrors/garlic/whatever force them to check morale at -N
  58. Need regular proximity to coffin/tree/whatever
  59. Can’t move across water/fire/whatever
  60. Dispel Magic banishes them
  61. They carry treasure around with them
  62. Confuse/distract with their swarming/shrieking/whatever (-1 to hit)
  63. Hit causes disease (magical or non-magical)
  64. Undead (susceptible to Turn Undead)
  65. Immune to Sleep/Charm Person/Hold Person
  66. Hug/swallow: after hitting in one turn, it does more damage on the subsequent turn
  67. Final strike: delivers major attack, then dies
  68. Nettle: hit leaves behind irritant that causes ongoing minor damage or disadvantage until treated
  69. Limited teleport
  70. Stealthy: surprise opponents on N in 6
  71. Numerous minor/inconvenience attacks accrue disadvantage on opponents
  72. Attracted by noise/spells/cooking/whatever
  73. Curse
  74. Disguised as someone or something else
  75. Drowns opponents underwater or drops them from the air
  76. Leader type has superior abilities
  77. Takes no damage from fire/cold/lightning/magic/whatever
  78. Alert: never or rarely surprised
  79. Often ride special mounts
  80. Surrounded by aura or gas cloud that disadvantages melee opponents
  81. Destroys (wood/metal) weapons that strike it
  82. Those it kills cannot be raised from death
  83. N percent chance to resist magic
  84. Can see invisible things
  85. Damage it causes drops as it loses hit points
  86. Part of its body (tusk/horn/gland/skin/fur) has commercial value
  87. Dormant/non-aggressive until exposed to light/water/air/whatever
  88. Several of them work together to achieve a high-level spell/elemental summoning/whatever
  89. Confusing resemblance to another monster
  90. Takes only half damage from edged/piercing/blunt weapons
  91. Infects/burrows into/lays eggs in victim, resulting in death/whatever in N days
  92. Possesses the body of its victim
  93. Especially powerful/vulnerable at a certain time of month/year
  94. Blinds/deafens opponents
  95. Detects and pilfers certain item types (food/magic-items/whatever)
  96. Chance to disenchant magic items
  97. Cause earthquake or explosion, which may collapse cave or dungeon
  98. Visually or audibly loud; they never surprise
  99. Particular animus or fondness for another type of monster
  100. Attack (temporarily or permanently) reduces an ability score

Animals and Giant Animals

Although normal animals rarely attack humans without provocation, mutations that cause animal gigantism correspond with behavioral changes, like increased aggression.

HD Animals
<1 Goat, sheep, cobra, frog
1 Human, dog
2 Mule, wolf, python
3 Cougar, draft horse, crocodile, gorilla
4–5 Tiger, bear, bison
5–6 Rhinoceros, hippopotamus
7–10 Orca, elephant
15 Mammoth
20 Tyrannosaurus rex
36 Sperm whale

Use size as a starting point for animal hit dice. Give a giant snail the size of a mule two hit dice. Give one the size of an elephant eight hit dice.